About Tricity

Tri City Institute is the only outpatient upscale chemically dependent program that has been certified by the State of California and approved by the Federal and County Alcohol and Drug Agencies. We are accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities).

Tri City Institute was opened in 1992 in order to fill in a gap. There was a population that needed drug treatment but nowhere for them to go for medical outpatient detox treatment.

The patients we care for do not fit the typical stereotype. They are highly visible people who are well known in the entertainment field and happen to suffer from a disease but have nowhere to go for private and highly confidential outpatient detox care.

Many had to go to their family physician and lie about head, neck, or back pain. This jeopardized the practitioner's license because he/she was prescribing far too much narcotic drugs for one person.

Because entertainers and highly visible business executives must travel extensively, Tri City was the first program in California to be granted permission for traveling nurses to accompany entertainers and others in the industry when they must leave town for business. This would allow them to continue with their counseling and have their medication administered to them on a daily basis without interruption.

Being medicated daily is essential in order to keep from illicit drugs while traveling. Seeking out illicit drugs while traveling can get one into serious trouble, especially in foreign countries.

On the road, accommodations are not the only arrangements that can be made for our very special patients. Home visits can be arranged after the patient's initial office visit and after-hours visits with total confidentiality and anonymity. Tri City is the only highly confidential treatment program for addiction and chronic pain disorders that is operated in a very private setting.

We offer individualized treatment with a multimodal interdisciplinary approach.

Call us at (310)553-9500 or email us at info@tricityinstitute.com (For problems or questions about the site, email our technical department.)

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