Header: Some facts about Methadone

Methadone is an opiate that wards off the pain of withdrawal. When given in the proper dosage, it can be consumed safely for decades. A person can maintain a normal lifestyle, operating motor vehicles and heavy equipment without risk.

There has been far too much policy on protecting society from Methadone and not enough emphasis on the medicinal aspects.

There are 120,000 people on Methadone on any given day in the United States. If Methadone is as bad as its opponents' claim, why hasn't more negative feedback been reported with regards to its safety?

Methadone is the most regulated drug in prescribing history. Laws are dictated by the federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. In this day and age, you have eight states in the United States that have no Methadone programs whatsoever!!!!! (Patients must cross state lines for treatment.)

It was in the '60's that the drug enforcement agency tried to block early treatment with Methadone. Support was not there with law enforcement because Methadone has a negative stigma and negative personal views that the law enforcement agents brought with them.

In 1992, there were 13 deaths that could be traced to Methadone. DEA's Office of Diversion Control cited 344 deaths involving Methadone, but when the investigation was completed, the overwhelming evidence was that the initial claim had been greatly exaggerated, and only 13 deaths could be traced directly to Methadone.

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