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Neighborhood Out Patient Treatment Facility

"Rehabilitating lives, one person at a time"

11900 Avalon Blvd. Suite 200

Los Angeles, Ca 90061

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Tri City Institute South (TCI South) focus treatment on men and women who have had an ongoing struggle with illicit [i.e. heroin] and/or illegal licit [i.e. Vicodin, Codeine and Oxy] drug use for years. Despite their desire and determination to become and remain sober, they have found themselves relapsing, time and time again.

TCI South's staff consists of registered addiction specialists, medical assistants, licensed vocational nurses, physician and physician's assistants all of whom, collectively, have over fifty years of experience in the drug addiction rehabilitation industry.

TCI South opened its door the spring of 2006 (this is the second location for our corporation which has been in the addiction medicine business since 1992). Since TCI South has opened our staff has welcomed any and all who has wanted to change their behavior and work toward a lifestyle that can bring sobriety. To aid them in their behavior, TCI South offered not only a methadone clinic with detox and maintenance treatment but a well rounded staff of men and women who are highly educated, compassionate and experienced in addiction medicine but offers nutritional supplements [i.e. B6, B12 injections and amino acids] as well.

The environment is conducive to sobriety, there is no loitering on or around the premises, the support staff is friendly, non-judgmental and educated in the general knowledge of addiction medicine.

The clinic's dosing room, front office, counseling rooms and lobby are all pristine.

If you, a family member, a friend or co-worker need help with an addiction problem please contact the number above for the next available appointment.

shellMission Statement

Tri City Institute South is a private for-profit organization dedicated to developing high quality patient care through harm reduction, abstinence, social and educational services. Our mission is to target Los Angeles, Compton, Gardena, Carson, South Gate and Lynwood patients and provide him/her an opportunity to recover from their illicit and risk taking behavior. By providing a safe, clean and therapeutic environment, it allows our patients to break free from an addiction and those conditions associated with the addiction. The ultimate goal of this program is to help create an improved lifestyle for the patients who see the need to make that change. Harm reduction, for those patients who want to take that first step, to rid themselves and the community of their negative unacceptable behavior and any activities that led to their addiction.

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